On Your Plate

On Your Plate

First stop—SVF. Give us a call or email and see if we have any beef, lamb or honey. Every year we raise a small crop of heritage breed lamb and beef. The breeds vary from year to year so you can always try something new. Some are 100% grass-fed and others are grained to some extent.

If you’re looking for mail-order lamb, Tamarack Tunis is one of our favorites. Ben Machin’s family has been farming in Vermont since 1920. His farm has recently started selling lamb, hides and wool from their old-style Tunis sheep.

Ayrshire Farm is well known for its Home Farm Store and gourmet shop. Not only is the butcher shop well worth the trip, but so is the Hunter’s Head Tavern. Ayrshire is an organic operation following sustainable farming practices. The owners use almost all heritage breeds of livestock. They were instrumental in assisting us with our Ancient White Park cattle effort.

Winterwind Farm offers wool, soap and specialty products. It is a small family farm working with critically endangered sheep, specifically the California Variegated Mutant (CVM) breed. Winterwind provided several CVM sheep that are now a part of our program here at SVF.

Looking for local products in your community? Eat Wild is a site that connects you with grass-fed beef and dairy products. Click on your state and you’re on your way.

Looking for year-round access to Rhode Island’s small farms? The Pawtucket Wintertime Farmer’s Market is worth the trip. Farm Fresh Rhode Island has shaped our farmers markets, brought fresh food to schools and given restaurants the opportunity to buy direct.

For Rhode Islanders interested in supporting our local agricultural products, consider joining the Rhode Island Raised Livestock Association. This is the group that helps all of the local farms in the state make their products available.