Golden Guernsey Goats

Golden Guernsey Goats

These goats are a fine-boned breed, smaller than commercial milking goats. They produce less milk than commercial dairy goats, but have a higher than average butterfat content. Golden Guernseys are known for having skin of a golden hue and a hair coat that can be long or short but retains a pale blonde to deep bronze color. They may or may not have horns, the males usually have a longer hair coat than females.

There are currently only 11 purebred Gold Guernsey goats in the United States, the rest have been crossed with sub-breed British Guernseys or more commercial dairy breeds.

SVF is honored to have included Guernsey Golden goats  from Southwind Farm as part of our preservation program. Southwind is responsible for introducing purebred Guernsey Golden goats to the United States – learn more about their farm here.


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